The need for preparedness training

The scale of global travel undertaken by Government and Public Domain personnel has escalated enormously in recent years. At the same time, the incidence of security issues has climbed to levels unknown previously.

To ensure the safety of those engaged in delicate missions abroad, the need for proper security awareness and preparedness has become absolutely essential. To this end, The Mohawk Group has developed a comprehensive range of training courses. Based on real-life scenarios, clients are taught how to avoid danger and risk, and coached on the correct way to react should any unforeseen security eventualities arise.

The wide-ranging scope of The Mohawk Group’s services

As the methods taught are wide-ranging and comprehensive, it is impossible to even start to adequately cover them in a brief article. It must be understood, therefore, that this article provides only a very general and brief overview of a few of the areas that require attention.

The Mohawk Group believes that to circumvent problems, planning and preparation before travel is undertaken, is absolutely essential.

A free consultation providing full particulars of the detailed services provided by The Mohawk Group is readily available. Feel free to call, or if you prefer, contact us online, and we will be happy to brief you fully about our security services.

The advent of the “internet age” and its security issues

With the advent of the “internet age” that dawned with the start of the 21st century, cyber-criminals have gained access to an incredible range of sensitive private information, previously unavailable to the public.

Using highly sophisticated online tools, they are able to target and track unwary travelers at almost any stage of their trip. Emails relating to flight reservation, online hotel bookings and foreign itineraries, are all subject to hacking, with potentially dangerous consequences.

The first essential, therefore, is to thwart access to this information well before planning for the trip actually gets under way.

Cybersecurity the key to safe travel

One of the chief dangers that must be guarded against, is commercial espionage. This has unfortunately become rife in many of the countries likely to be visited by Government officials. Both criminal elements and foreign intelligence services make use of it on a regular basis to home in on, and target, high profile foreign visitors.

Unless the electronic media used to prepare bookings, travel arrangements, accommodation and meeting schedules are properly secured, vital information will likely fall into the wrong hands.

Why these advance preparations are essential

Many instances are on record of entire hard drives being imaged while one is out of the hotel room, enjoying a meal. But it can be much more subtle than that. Revealing your hotel bookings in advance can easily lead to rooms being bugged with hi-tech electronic eavesdropping devices, with disastrous consequences.

It is vital for the traveler to be using a strong Virtual Protection Network (VPN) on all computing and mobile devices while abroad. This is an essential first line protection. Ideally neither laptop, tablet, and especially not your phone, should be out of your immediate possession at any time.

It goes without saying that open Wi-Fi connections can never ever be trusted. Take the case of someone sitting in a hotel lobby connecting to a free network named “Holiday Inn”. Unbeknown to him, this is not the hotel network at all, but belongs to a criminal sitting in a nearby room, phishing for information.

Secure encryption for all data and messaging services, together with shielded webcams, are essential steps that must be in place. All this and much more will be taught in the course. The tools available to professional hackers are unimaginably sophisticated and it needs proper experienced professional help to secure against them.

Proactive preparation and education

Foreigners are an easy target and are always at risk unless adequately trained and prepared. This forms an essential part of the security training offered by The Mohawk Group.

Americans travelling outside the USA need to be aware that criminals are going to be very secure on their home turf. It is a big mistake to imagine that the playing field abroad is going to be level. When in a strange country with very different customs, you are already at a big disadvantage. Having the proper assistance of dedicated local security professionals is therefore a must.

Planning makes for a smooth and successful trip

Criminals can be extremely sophisticated and are able to quickly gauge the weaknesses of visitors. When overseas, never be lulled into thinking that you are dealing with unsophisticated amateurs, the truth may be very different. Proper training is the answer to avoiding these pitfalls and providing an event-free and successful trip. Even carefully planned schedules can go awry. Make sure to have properly crafted backup plans with alternative routes mapped out for reaching destinations.

Use only security trained and trusted drivers

We hear stories daily of people climbing into a booked taxi, only to find that they are in a switched vehicle. Great care needs to be taken, especially when at a disadvantage using unfamiliar languages.

How to achieve peace of mind

Peace of mind comes from good training. Make sure to employ the services of only highly experienced and trained professionals when planning for those important missions abroad.

At The Mohawk Group, we have assembled an expert team trained to accomplish law enforcement, military, intelligence and business missions and training to the highest standards. When employing our resources and expertise, you can rest assured of achieving the finest and most successful results the industry can provide.

For more information about our security training and services, contact us and schedule a free consultation. We are waiting to be of service.