As one of the five original members of the Iroquois League, the Mohawk are known as the Keepers of the Eastern Door – the traditional guardians of the Iroquois Confederation against invasions from the east.
Using a unique model, combining the expertise of an extensive network of intelligence professionals, private investigators, executive protection professionals, and law enforcement officials, The Mohawk Group offers robust and flexible security and multi-discipline intelligence services and products.

Core Values

Integrity • Relevancy • Flexibility • Customer Experience



The Mohawk Group provides a wide array of security services and products. Whether our clients’ have an identified requirement for protecting assets and personnel or are in need of basic security consulting services, the experienced professionals of The Mohawk Group ensure that what is most important to our customers is protected.

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By leveraging its vast network of experienced and credentialed multi-discipline intelligence professionals, The Mohawk Group can competently provide its clients with real-world intelligence services and products. The Mohawk Group’s team of intelligence experts can provide support in the areas of All-Source Intelligence Analysis, Human Intelligence, Signals Intelligence, and Geographical Intelligence

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The Mohawk Group provides robust education and training design, management and delivery. Using only internationally experienced, certified subject matter expert instructors The Mohawk Group’s programs are competency based and are delivered on a building block approach and in a modular format. Based on sound principles, all education and training is quality controlled and documented in order to ensure that it is audit-able.

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