As one of the five original members of the Iroquois League, the Mohawk are known as the Keepers of the Eastern Door – the traditional guardians of the Iroquois Confederation against invasions from the east.

Using a unique model, combining the expertise of an extensive network of intelligence professionals, private investigators, executive protection professionals, and law enforcement officials, The Mohawk Group offers a robust, yet flexible, security service.

The Mohawk Group will identify required issues, prioritize the necessary responses, and rapidly mobilize resources.

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The Mohawk Group provides custom tailored executive services based on real time, detailed risk assessments of the areas of travel, work or recreation. Many service providers focus solely on threats and do not take it to the next step of prioritizing risks. The Mohawk Group’s risk based process allows the Client to make better decisions based on the area and criticality of the proposed travel.

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The vast majority of actionable information required for a management team to make timely and accurate decisions is not readily available on a basic internet search or cursory background inquiry. The Mohawk Group is a trusted resource that targets and collects specific information, corroborates information and provides recommendations based on their findings.

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The Mohawk Group provides robust education and training design, management and delivery. Using only internationally experienced, certified subject matter expert instructors The Mohawk Group’s programs are competency based and are delivered on a building block approach and in a modular format. Based on sound principles, all education and training is quality controlled and documented in order to ensure that it is audit-able.

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