Close Protection Services for High-Profile Public Figures

Close Protection is a highly specialized, and wide-ranging service providing security and risk mitigation protection, for high-profile public figures such as Government Officials, Executives, Celebrities VIP’s, and other high-risk individuals, and their families.

This article provides a brief introduction to the subject by outlining a few examples of the security areas which may be encountered. As the the full range of services goes well beyond those described below, it is important that you consult an expert security company such as The Mohawk Group if you are interested in utilizing these services.

When employing the personal resources and expertise of The Mohawk Group, you can rest assured of achieving the finest and most successful results the industry can provide. For comprehensive information about the full range of close protection services The Mohawk Group provides, please contact us for a free consultation

Why the need for close protection?

Individuals such as Government Officials, VIP’s, and other high-profile public figures, including business executives known or perceived to be of high net worth, are exposed to elevated personal risk because of their high-profile status. The need for risk mitigation to ensure both their personal safety and that of their families is therefore of great importance.

Information integrity in today’s high-tech world

Ensuring the integrity of sensitive data both in the work environment, at home and while travelling, is a vital aspect of close protection. Falling prey to information theft can come out of left field without the recipient even being aware of it.

Take this classic example. Your internet provider calls and tells you that based on your excessive broadband download usage over the past couple of weeks you will need to upgrade your plan as you are already way over your limit for the month. When you protest that this cannot be the case, she asks whether anyone else uses your computer. After assuring her that no one could possibly be downloading anything at this level, she asks if she can put you on hold while she checks further with her technical team.

A minute later her tech associate comes on the line, introduces himself and asks if they can run a quick download check on your system to try and determine the cause of the excess usage. Following his instructions, you open a browser to the TeamViewer website, and initiate a session.

He is now remotely in full control of your computer. He clicks around your system. Screens open and close, and after a few minutes he says that the problem definitely appears to be on their side. He advises that they will reset your usage levels back to normal, instructs you to close the Teamviewer session, and apologizes for any inconvenience. After asking whether there is anything else they can help you with, he wishes you a good day, and disconnects.

What did they get away with?

This was not a phishing scam to hack your online banking login details. That would have been bad enough, but this one had much more sinister implications. In the space of a few minutes, your system data had been scraped and they now had access to your files and your email account. This allowed them to start tracking your current and future movements. Emails are filled with personal information often of a highly confidential nature. Sensitive business plans as well as travel bookings and itineraries would now be known to them. They would know at which hotel you would be staying and any car hire arrangements that were in place. For VIP’s and high net-worth individuals and their families, this knowledge in the hands of international criminals is extremely dangerous and potentially disastrous.

Close protection can both obviate and mitigate these risks

The above scenario emphasizes the need for close protection. With his movements being known in advance by criminal third parties, an individual would be completely unprepared for the potential dangers facing him, his family and his property. This is especially relevant while travelling overseas or to unfamiliar destinations.

Residential & office surveillance

During regular day to day activity, 24-hour surveillance by close protection operatives in both the home and workplace environment will ensure protection for the client and his family as required.

Customized plans for those at risk

Our close protection services for high-profile figures who may be at risk are fully customized for each individual case. After clearly investigating and determining the full range of all possible risks, threats and areas of vulnerability, a working plan is developed to provide both overt and covert protection services, covering both the work and family environments.

Organized criminals will always use a planning process. This means that they will need to conduct surveillance of the target’s routines and movements over a period of time in order to establish areas of weakness and pre-determine a method, place and time of attack.

A protective surveillance plan which will identify such attacks can then be into place to thwart and neutralize them.

Protective surveillance

These highly specialized services are designed to minimize client’s vulnerability through pre-emptive planning and timely, expert guidance in the event of a crisis.

Close protection utilizes a variety of sophisticated techniques to counter and protect against criminals. To ensure client’s safety, a team of highly trained and experienced security personnel will always be in close proximity, unobtrusively safeguarding client’s movements. This team will be fully responsive and trained for instant response in any situations where threats are detected and will take any necessary action to neutralize them.

Counter surveillance measures

The close protection team will carefully monitor and observe client’s movements to ascertain whether he is being tracked by third parties. Careful note will be taken of any unusual activity, such as the repeated appearance of the same vehicles or pedestrians in the client’s vicinity.Client will be coached to randomly change the patterns of his daily movements. Routes usually travelled by vehicle and on foot will be varied allowing the close protection team to accurately determine whether a threat exists.

Once the existence of a threat has been established, suitable covert or overt action can be initiated to neutralize it.

Travel-related and transport risk planning.

To further mitigate threats to those on official international and business trips, trained security personnel can be seated nearby during flights, and be waiting at foreign destinations. Trained security drivers will also be provided for client’s hired car, and where needed an additional level of security would be the accompaniment of an unmarked escort vehicle manned by close protection personnel.

Securing hotel accommodation

Pre-arrival checks will be made at the client’s hotel, and on arrival, room security will be carefully vetted by trained personnel. Check-in procedures will have been optimized to preclude sensitive information being leaked to third parties and room locks and window security will be verified and further optimized.

Safety and security for both client and family

The scenarios outlined above are merely a sample of the type of areas that will be assessed when preparing a close protection plan for the client. They are by no means comprehensive and will be much expanded in a real-life assessment.

At The Mohawk Group, our aim is to establish and maintain a safe, risk free, environment for our clients and their families. To achieve this, we have assembled an expert team trained to accomplish law enforcement, military, intelligence and business missions to the highest standards. When employing our resources and expertise, you can rest assured of achieving the finest and most successful results the industry can provide.

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