The Mohawk Group provides robust education and training design, management and delivery. Using only internationally experienced, certified subject matter expert instructors The Mohawk Group’s programs are competency based and are delivered on a building block approach and in a modular format. Based on sound principles, all education and training is quality controlled and documented in order to ensure that it is audit-able.

The Mohawk Group provides specialized training and investigation in any of the below enumerated areas:

  • Protective Services
  • Team Movements
  • Risk/Vulnerability Assessment
  • Interrogation Techniques
  • Surveillance & Counter Surveillance
  • Physical Site Security Consulting
  • Crisis Anticipation and Management
    • Relating to high threat environments
  • Business Intelligence
    • Domestic and Foreign
  • Business Intelligence
    • Domestic and Foreign
  • Training​
    • Travel Safety
    • Personal Security
    • S.E.R.E. Training
  • Litigation Consulting and Support
    • Gather and filter electronic evidence for attorneys
    • Gather and provide attorneys with case support evidence
    • Testify as expert witnesses in identified areas of expertise
    • Locate and obtain affidavits from witnesses/principals

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