Active Shooter Training

In this article we provide a brief introduction to the subject of Active Shooter Training. This comprehensive course taught by The Mohawk Group is designed to quickly build the skills and confidence needed to proactively handle the threat of an aggressive intruder or active shooter in any environment.

The actual course is naturally far more extensive and comprehensive than can possibly be described in a short article. For full details please contact The Mohawk Group for a free consultation, using the link provided at the end of this article.

The importance of practical survival training

With the continued increase in the number of active shooter attacks, learning the skills required to safely counter them is more relevant than ever. With businesses and public institutions regularly being targeted, many organizations and companies are turning to expert security companies such as The Mohawk Group, to provide the proper training for themselves and their staff.

Keeping safe

Protection and safety are the priority in an Active Shooter event or Terrorist Attack. The Mohawk Group provides training to guide individuals and organizations on how to proactively handle the threat of an aggressive intruder or active shooter.

Whether it is an attack by an individual person or by an international group of professionals intent on conveying a political message through violence, the correct response is extremely important.

How is this accomplished?

It is important to remember that the specific response required will naturally vary from incident to incident. The steps taken are not necessarily a sequential process but are adapted dynamically to the threat situation as it unfolds.

The Mohawk Group’s active shooter training course approaches each possible step individually, providing all the necessary practical hands-on experience and training to build proficiency in every scenario.

Reacting to the threat

Once a threat has been identified, it is important to alert everyone involved to the potentially dangerous situation as quickly as possible. All communication, whether by speech, phone, PA. text messaging or email, should be made using clear, meaningful and unambiguous language. The alert needs to be couched in a manner and using language that will galvanize others to react in an informed manner rather than to panic. The aim is to elicit co-operative and purposeful action. This is enhanced using as calm a tone and expression as possible, while yet not minimizing the danger. Plain, action-specific language is far more likely to engender the correct response, than shouting and issuing commands.

This all requires training and practice, which is the goal of the alert component of the course taught by The Mohawk Group.

Securing the environment

The next step is to safely secure the environment. This means blocking off the attacker’s access to the area while preparing to evacuate or launch a counter move. While this makes good sense, it requires proper training to prevent the shooter from regaining the initiative and relaunching an attack.

The Mohawk Group’s anti-threat training program covers a range of various scenarios. In addition to securing the area, adequate counter measures are prepared should the shooter manage to break through.

Emergency preparedness training

Once the threat has been identified, it is essential that the correct response is initiated without undue delay. This is where The Mohawk Group’s emergency preparedness training comes into play. It is vital to efficiently neutralize and end such events before the attackers can gain the advantage. Client will therefore be coached in efficient techniques for setting up an emergency attack response plan. This will enable quick and efficient communication of the attacker’s location and movements in real time to the police, safety officers and all other nearby personnel.

Most incidents involve lone attackers, and It is important to keep the intruder off balance and unsure of where counter measures may come from. Properly conceived defensive and communication procedures are aimed at achieving this.

Counter attack

The Mohawk Group’s training program always teaches non-violent methods to defuse and neutralize the threat wherever possible.

Countering the attack does not mean fighting. The primary objective is to cancel the threat while maintaining maximum safety and security for all involved. Actively confronting a violent intruder is never recommended. Instead, methods such as creating noise, movement, distance and distraction are taught. These can effectively confuse the attacker, reducing his ability to shoot accurately.

Whatever the environment, be it a public building such as a school, hospital, place of worship or a business, countering does not mean active confrontation. Civilians are never advised to directly oppose an active shooter, other than as a last-ditch effort to defend themselves in a worst-case scenario.

The Mohawk Group teaches methods of creating a dynamically defensive environment. The shooter becomes confused and distracted, delaying and diminishing his ability to focus on a target. There are many successful methods that can effectively be utilized to avoid the situation deteriorating, and these are taught by The Mohawk Group in this course.

Clearing the threat area

The course teaches well planned methods of evacuating the threat area and escape potentially lethal confrontations. The purpose of this course is survival, and all options are taught.

As soon as the opportunity presents itself, everyone moves away as quickly as possible from the danger zone. The natural reaction to danger is to flee but being trained to do so using the correct techniques reduces the possibility of harm and injury. The correct method of exiting windows, higher floors, stairwells and fire escapes forms an integral part of the training and has had great success in siege rescues. The Mohawk Group’s training courses teach the safest and most strategic way of accomplishing this, while at the same time keeping risk levels as low as possible.

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